22 - 27 Aug 2022
Kazan University, Kazan, Russia

XXIII International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Russia RCCT-2022

XXIII International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics in Russia


The RCCT Conference has been held since 1961 in different Russian scientific centers  ̶  seven times in Moscow, four times in Saint Petersburg, twice in Novosibirsk and Nizhny Novgorod, once in Krasnoyarsk, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Samara, and Kazan.

Conference program includes plenary lectures, discussions, and a poster session. A social program for RCCT participants and for accompanying persons will also be organized.

The Conference program will include plenary, oral and poster sessions covering the following topics:

  • Development of General Methods and Tools of Chemical Thermodynamics: New Experimental Techniques, Theory and Computer Simulation
  • Phase Equilibria: Molecular and Ionic Compounds
  • Thermochemistry and Databases
  • Thermodynamics of Functional Materials, Interfacial and Confined Phenomena
  • Applied Thermodynamics and Biothermodynamics (dedicated to A.A. Pimerzin)
  • Modern Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (dedicated to L.G. Berg)
Abstracts (no more than 2 per participant) can be submitted until May 31 inclusive. To submit abstracts through the online system, you must register (green button "Registration" on the left). Abstracts should be written in English, presentations can be made in English or Russian.


Kazan Federal University, Химический институт им. А.М. Бутлерова
Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences

Kazan Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences

Mendeleev Chemical Society of Russia


Acad. RAS Oleg G. Sinyashin

Prof. Konstantin S. Gavrichev (Moscow)


Prof. Boris N. Solomonov (Kazan)

Prof. Alexey I. Victorov (St. Petersburg)


Acad. RAS A.I. Rusanov

Acad. RAS A.Yu. Tsivadze (Moscow)

Acad. RAS F.V. Grechnikov (Samara)

Acad. RAS M.F Churbanov (Nizhni Novgorod)

Acad. RAS N.T. Kuznetsov (Moscow)

Acad. RAS V.N. Parmon (Novosibirsk)

Corr.-member RAS A.B. Yaroslavtsev (Moscow)

Corr.-member RAS A.K. Shchekin (Saint-Petersburg)

Corr.-member RAS O.L. Kuskov (Moscow)

Corr.-member RAS V.L. Stolyarova (Saint-Petersburg)

Corr-member RAS V.P. Fedin (Novosibirsk)

Corr-member RAS V.V. Gusarov (Saint-Petersburg)

Dr. K.V. Zherikova (Novosibirsk)

Dr. L.N. Zelenina (Novosibirsk)

Prof. A.A. Goryunkov (Moscow)

Prof. A.A. Pimerzin (Samara)

Prof. A.M. Kolker (Ivanovo)

Prof. A.M. Toikka (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. A.S. Alikhanyan (Moscow)

Prof. A.V. Knyazev (Nizhni Novgorod)

Prof. A.V. Markin (Nizhni Novgorod)

Prof. A.Y. Manakov (Novosibirsk)

Prof. E.G. Osadchiy (Chernogolovka)

Prof. I.A. Uspenskaya, Moscow (Moscow)

Prof. I.A. Zvereva (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. M.G. Kiselev (Ivanovo)

Prof. N.N. Smirnova (Nizhni Novgorod)

Prof. N.V. Gelfond (Novosibirsk)

Prof. P.P. Fedorov (Moscow)

Prof. S.I. Lopatin (Saint-Petersburg)

Prof. S.V. Stankus (Novosibirsk)

Prof. Y.G. Galyametdinov (Kazan)

International scientific committee

Prof. A. Blokhin (Belarus)

Prof. S. Enders (Germany)

Prof. I. Smirnova (Germany)

Prof. E. Voutsas (Greece)

Prof. J. N. Jaubert (France)

Prof. A. Galindo (United Kingdom)

Prof. S.P. Verevkin (Germany)

Prof. N. Koga (Japan)

Prof. M. Monte (Portugal)

Prof. S. Vyazovkin (USA)

Prof. S. Vecchio Ciprioti (Italy)

Local committee

Head of the Department of Chemistry of Kazan University, M.A. Ziganshin

Prof. V.V. Gorbatchuk

Prof. I.A. Sedov


Organizing Committee rcct2022@mail.ru

Cost of participation

The registration fee for foreign participants is 40 000 Russian rubles (regular) or 18 000 Russian rubles (undergraduate and PhD students), accompanying person – 27 000 Russian rubles. Payment is by bank transfer or by cash on-site. For foreign participants, virtual (online) participation is possible, the registration fee is 4 500 Russian rubles.